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I currently work in London as a Management Consultant, where I earn 60k a year.

Over the last 4-5 months, I’ve developed an interest in Property from a desire to supplement my earnings with passive streams of income.

By the end of the year, I will have £30k ish saved.

I’m not interested in buying my own place, as I like/need the flexibility in renting - and so am going to start to build a Property portfolio with that money, probably start with a BRR in Liverpool, and continue to funnel money into other deals from my day job.

However, I’m still very new to Property and am without any relevant practical experience.

Even with my £30k, I’ve concluded that I’m going to need more cash flow to put into other deals and accelerate the process. £60k a year won’t get me where I want to be fast enough.

So, I want to start a side Business in Property. I have been playing with the idea of the following three:

  1. Deal Sourcing - the strategy I’m most interested in, however, it seems like everyone and their Nan is a deal sourcer - which makes me question whether it is too saturated of a market.

    1. Has anyone had success Deal Sourcing within London? I’ve read that it tends to work better selling with deals further North to London investors.

      If so, would you not need to be close to the houses to source them?


    2. How hard is it to start from scratch as a Deal Sourcer? Especially now.

      If I learn my shit, will it matter to an investor that I don’t have my own portfolio? Or would you suggest I go for the JV route from the off?


  2. Rent-to-Rent

    1. Did anyone else start their Property Career with Rent-to-Rents? If so, I’d love to hear from you about your experience.

  3. Lease-Option-Agreements - these seem the most elusive of the three - but potentially the most lucrative.

    1. Did anyone else start off their Property Career with Lease-Option-Agreements? If so, I’d love to hear from you about your experience.

At this point in my property journey, and with so little practical experience, I’m finding it hard to pick one. So any direction or insight would be much appreciated.

What’s your favourite? If you started again, what would you do?

Even if you don’t have answers to my questions, please feel free to message. It would be great to meet some to some like-minded people.

Best regards,


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