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Quantity Surveyor West Midlands required

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Evening All

Does anybody have a reccomendation to a QS in West Midlands please? I Have viewed a property that requires some drawings for extending the property & a costing plan so that I can assess my refurb & build costs when requesting quotes.


I have been searching for individuals & Companies & assume somebody who is RICS based would be benficial as i could have them independently do the survey also.


Many Thanks if there are any reccomendations.


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I'm afraid that I can't help you in relation to your search for a QS, but I'm looking to invest in West Mids and was curious what your experience has been and which areas you like. I'm originally from Worcester, but feel it's too small a city to invest in at the moment, so would prefer other cities. We're planning to move to Warwickshire.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Also, I will get in touch with a friend to see if he knows any Quantity Surveyors.



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Hi Gareth

Would you like to have a quick chat either one evening or during the day? PM me your details & I'll get in touch. I am in South Birmingham, Edgbaston area.

Look forward to hearing from you, 



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Hi Gareth,

Just to note: a QS is not the same as a Building Surveyor (BS?!) despite both being "chartered surveyors".. A bit like the difference in a surgeon and gp both being docs.

It's worth understanding if you want your QS to do a one off estimate or potentially help get a builder into a decent contract, police that monthly payments are fair etc. that means monthly work and if the build is small the % fees can look high but like a good accountant... They should save more than they cost.

The RICS will put you in touch with members practicing in the area. You can search the website or get put in touch. Speak to one or two and don't hesitate to ask for fee bids.

I'm a QS by background but in London, let me know how you get on.

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