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3 person HMO regulations?


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I'm wondering if somebody can explain how the rules and regulations are different for a small (e.g. 3 person) HMO to that of a single family let?

Am I correct in thinking that a licence is not needed for  a small HMO?

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A 3 person family let is not a HMO as they are all related. However if you have 3 individuals from different households or not related, it is. 

You will not need a HMO Licence, however you'll need to check whether the Local Authority Planning department has Article 4 Direction - you may need to apply for planning. On top of that, you'll also need to comply with the HMO Management Regulations 2006. 

Hope this helps.


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This can depend on your local area.

There are rules for mandatory licencing, but the local authority has scope to increase and add to it.

If you google your council name and HMO licencing you might find there local policy document PDF to download.

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