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Tenants having problem with other flat resident - noise, smells, maggots!

simon r

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Have recently placed a tenant into my first BTL, a 1 bed flat (ground floor)

After purchasing I was doing some maintenance prior to renting, and happened to wander upstairs to check out the rest of the building (not sure why it hadn't occurred to me before to do this)

I noticed one of the doors on the 2nd floor had lots of strange writing, drawings etc all over and around it. This isn't the nicest block in the world and I chalked it up to being just an odd-ball. It's not directly above my flat, it's across the hall.

Few weeks into the tenancy now, and I am informed that this other resident makes all kind of strange noises/shouting through the night until 3am (must be be loud as I said it's not directly above). Also the drawings and writings have appeared all throughout the communal areas. Finally, and worst, a horrible smell and thousands of maggots crawling around the entire communal area including right outside my flat door.

Also when I went straight down to the flat after hearing of this, there was some officers attending and trying to get the person to open their door, I think they were environmental officers?

I have contacted the management company, they seemed to be aware and made some off-hand comments about his brother "usually sorting him out when he gets like this". They slipped that he owns the property (which is a shame, a tenant would have been possible to evict!).  I checked land registry it was purchased 5 years ago, no lender.

Does anyone have advice, what should I do to protect my tenants and investment? Having this nuisance will make it hard to hold on to (and possibly even get) tenants!

Should I contact the freeholder and see if they will do anything? I expect they won't do a thing as any action would cost them money.


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I’d personally get friendly with the freeholder if he is the brother, it’s always better when you have some insider info about what’s going on and it helps you to understand.   the occupant sounds as if he has mental health issues.  

Has your tenant complained to you about it ? It would be for your tenant to complain about noise abatement etc If it was that bad as there’s not a lot you can monitor when you don’t live there yourself. 

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