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SIC Code & Recommendations for Mortgage Broker


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Hi all,

I am currently setting up my limited company in preparation for my first investment. I have done some research into SIC codes and it seems 68209 is suitable for my strategy which is to buy and hold. However, is there any harm in adding 68100 also as depending on future markets, I may need to sell my properties. I’ve heard it can impact lending to have multiple SIC codes and I will be dependent on BTL mortgages. 

Also if anyone can recommend a financial advisor and mortgage broker specialising in BTL it would be much appreciated. I am struggling to find any BTL specialists local to me in Warrington.

Many thanks,


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Hi Sam, both of those codes are typical for property investors and are usually the right ones to choose. It should be easy to find advisors and brokers. I’m a south east based tax advisor but can ask around if you really want a local broker. Good luck!





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I have never used a financial advisor and mortgage broker specialising in BTL. For those wondering, a mortgage adviser/broker is usually a dedicated mortgage specialist, though some independent financial advisers also give the same kind of mortgage advice. Typically a mortgage adviser will increase your chances of securing a mortgage, and also of finding the best value mortgage deal for you. For me, choosing grimard financial was a no brainer, because they are a retirement income services firm which provides great income strategies for those who are on the brinch of retirement.

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Not sure you need a financial advisor, but for a mortgage broker, contact Simon Allen at Searchlight Finance (and a regular contributor on here). Not too far from you either, not that it matters - everything is online or a few phonecalls. He's done a few mortgages for us and we've never met him or been to his office, don't recall ever even posting anything to him.

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