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Ray Dalio: Principles


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After the recent podcast Rob and Rob did on Ray Dalio I became fascinated with the ling cycles that were referenced. I was at my friends and I saw the book, Ray Dalio Principles, on his shelf. I was speaking to him and he told me I could borrow it.

This is the rock and roll lifestyle we lead, where we share books with each other.

Anyways, I've started reading it and gone through the first few chapters and so far so good. It's an interesting read and I know it will get better.

I just wondered if anyone else had recommendations along these lines? I'm going to get the economics and investment principles one he references in this.

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As a mini update to this... I'm on page 50 and it is genuinely fascinating. Not the easiest read ever, and to be fair he hasn't exactly tried to make it easy either, but you can follow it if you are focussed.

He has a brilliant mind and the web of contacts is extraordinary. 

Not sure I'm quite ready to take on the world yet, but it does help you understand how things work a little... and it also touches on what rob and Rob say time and time again...history repeats itself, look for the pattern.

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If you're limited for reading time and prefer something visual, he's condensed his book into 30 minutes on YouTube! If you set the playback speed to 1.5x, even shorter! 

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