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What helps against back pain – any experiences?


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I always get more back pain when I sit at my desk for a long time. Of course you don't get any younger, but the posture has never caused me any problems until now. But now I feel more and more quickly some complaints in the back area. Do you have any tips on what helps against back pain or what you can do against it? What have you made good experiences with? What kind of sport is best suited to strengthen the back and can you do the opposite with the wrong exercises and everything will get worse? Thanks already for your help!

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Would definitely recommend a chiropractor. I go every 3-4 months and makes a huge difference. They can also recommend exercises.

Would also agree about a decent chair and desk set up - if you're on a dining chair, hunched over a laptop, no exercise is going to fix it. For a chair, I'd recommend corporatespec.com. They do refurbished office chairs and I was able to get the Orangebox chair we have in our office for £140, which was about a third of new price and a similar price to a decent looking chair from Argos/IKEA but far better quality. Stock changes, as it's refurbished stuff, but worth investing if you think you're going to be continuing to work from home.

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i had this problem, been putting on some lock down lard and my back started aching, swapped my office chair and getting on the exercise bike a bit more.

Try a few stretches periodically to stretch your back out, such as child pose.



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Get Treat Your Own Back by Robin McKenzie.

Get a 'standing' desk

I used private yoga to get the specific area targeted.

Maintenance subsequently - pilates, core exercises. I also found salsa  helped but I think 'dynamic stretching' might be the technical term.

Essentially you've got to train yourself to always keep 'good posture' whether sitting, driving, cycling even standing.

Good Luck.

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