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mortgage for off plan development

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I am from the UK but I now live in South Africa. I set a goal to make my first property investment this year. I have put a 2k reservation fee down for an off plan apartment in Manchester back in July 2020 to be completed Q2 2022.

The process has been taking a long time and it brought up issues with the developer as my but to let mortgage is looking likely to come through a Shariah bank who have said they are willing to give me a mortgage at this stage. Once the property build is complete in 2022 the sellers solicitors will serve notice to complete in 10 days. 

My solicitor has ironed out a few points but have said to the developer that they will not allow me to exchange contract unless the developer makes this conditional to me obtaining my mortgage.

My mortgage is not going to be put in place for a good while yet and I cant seem to think a developer would agree to this anywhere in the world? 

I am in the situation now where I override my solicitor and exchange with the risk of not getting a mortgage and trying to pass on the contract to someone else or I walk away and lose my 2k reservation fee.

I am not sure what other options I have? Can anyone offer any advice? 







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