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How to see new property developments in your area?

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I am looking to diversify the portfolio a bit and buy 2-5 new properties on a new development. Having not done this before can someone point me in the direction of how I can see what developers are developing in my area (Nottingham). Houses rather than flats - personal preference.

Any advice also appreciated :-) Thanks! 

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Try the local planning portal where you should be able to view all the planning applications. Looks like the one for NCC is here: https://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/planningapplications

Not sure if there's a quick way of viewing it, but you might have to scroll through them month on month to see applications for new builds. 

Alternative, call up some local agents and see if they're aware of any as developers will most likely look to sell a few off plan to help with finances. 

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How come new build houses if I might ask, @Malmopearce?

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Auction remain the favourite hangout for some investors, despite in recent years the popularity of buying at an auction has increased as more and more people have tried to purchase a bargain at auction. This has led to many developers seeking other ways to pride their projects as some auction properties are seen to go well above their private treaty price.

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