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Architect Invoice Much Higher than Expected - Options?

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I've had architect plans drawn up for an extension to my 1930s bungalow in Edinburgh, the plans for the extension are fine but there is poorly planned previous loft conversion upstairs that could potentially be rectified whilst the single-story extension is built on the ground floor.

To cut a long story short, the architect assured me that the cost of replacing the roof and reconfiguring the rooms upstairs would be relatively cheap...... Turns out the builder’s tenders did not agree with that assertion and subsequently made the project financially unviable meaning that despite having planning permission and building warrant in place, I need to amend the upstairs plans.

I spoke to the architect and stated my desire to add an en suite and a few extra Velux windows upstairs to keep the costs down but they then stated that they could come up with a cost-effective solution that didn't involve replacing he roof, it would only take 'a few hours' and I'd have the drawings by the end of the week.

After several chases, two months passed and I eventually got the plans which did not significantly reduce the build costs and only cemented my thoughts that minimal work on the upstairs was the way forward, however, I've now been hit with a bill for 15 hours labour so my cost cutting exercise is being billed at >£1000. I did not agree to this and was led to believe it was a quick amendment and the drawings produced have not addressed my queries and further drawings would be required (at a cost) to get a detailed tender and structural queries have yet to be addressed. 

What are my options? - The bill does not seem proportionate to what are drawing amendments and I never agreed to commission work on this scale.

Apologies for the rather long-winded post but I wanted to provide some context.

Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions offered.

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Relatively minor changes can take a significant time to work through; where a simple plans change affects elevations and section as example, and potentially specifications or details.  
In this regard I’ve sympathy with your Architect, however he is the informed party to this proposal, and should have spelt this out to you - what he considers a minor cost is not necessarily your view.  He has a duty to ensure his engagement is clear (assuming he is ARB).  
I’d suggest talking, explain that you considered this to be 1/2 days work from the discussion (or as you felt it to be the 1/2 is arbitrary), and listen to what he has to say.  

As to cost, he’s an Architect not a QS.  The estimate is just that, you cannot compel a builder to submit a price to suit his estimate, and even if you paid for a QS it’s still just a more accurate (hopefully) estimate.  Builders are generally not short of work.  It also depends what drawing you have, are these Planning and Building Regs (no details or full spec) - if so he’s working off incomplete information. You want greater cost certainty, take it to Stage 4 design. 

With extensions : alteration of existing, I’d consider a design focussed Building Surveyor or Architectural Technologist as my first port of call. Both tend to be a little more focussed on the technical, practical, workable solutions (although there are some very technically focused architects). 

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