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Buying a property with Universal Credit tenants in situ

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Hi all,

I'm currently going through the conveyancing process on a property with Universal Credit tenants in situ, which I plan on keeping in the property. The vendor has told me that she is paid rent directly from the council and not from the tenants.

I wanted to ask how I should approach this when I get the keys of the property? Should I simply draw up my contract and take a couple of hard copies to the tenants for them to sign on the day of completion? & then will they inform the council that the landlord has changed and my bank details? Or should I?

How about whenever there is a rent review? Do I simply send it to the tenants and then it is their responsibility to inform the council? Or should I?

Don't know anything about this, so would appreciate input, especially from someone who has got Universal Credit tenants. Thanks in advance!

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