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Have you been Conned? I need your help!

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Hi All Fab Forumers

I have just launched a True Crime podcast - the story of my sisters encounter with a serial conman. Think Dirty John 2.0! 

Here is the link to the trailer or you can find it anywhere you listen to Podcasts - Apple, Spotify etc. Just search Conning the Con. 


It is a totally bonkers story and you may even learn something along the way as we are joined by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Sophie Muir, who sheds light on the workings of the criminal mind. 

Appreciate your support and if you like it please share far and wide. 

But the other reason for my post is now I have finished creating Season 1 I am looking for stories for Season 2.  It. may be that they will be one episode per con story - unless it is another epic tale like the first season! So I wondered if there are any Hubbers who have a con/fraudster story they would be willing to share. The aim is to expose the different techniques the world's oversupply of fraudsters use so it makes it just that much more difficult for them to operate. 

If you have a story or would like to get in contact you can find links find the links on the shows website : https://shows.acast.com/conningthecon/episodes/5ff47bb17393965393176133

Or contact me on the podcasts socials:

Twitter @conningthecon1
Insta @conningthecon
Thanks in advance for your support Hubbers!
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