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Just listened to the first episode of AOB and will be listening to the second one shortly.

Love the honesty. I cant wait to hear more episodes and see where this podcast goes.

I just wondered, does anyone on here have a non property business and if so what are some fundamentals /basic advice they would give?  I ask because my intention is to start one next year.

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What is your business interest? I recently set up as a freelance quantity surveyor. I have been surveying for 15 years, and coronavirus + redundancy made me strike out on my own. I am employed by my own limited company and so far so good.

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Hi Carl,

I'm looking to up a training company, I've got 10 years of successful experience in social housing and was looking to do something alongside my job. I've always enjoyed the training aspect of my role, and always wanted to be my own boss, with the opportunity to be responsible for my own earnings.

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