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Build cost for a detached home in Doncaster

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Hi all,

As above. Would like a (rough) estimate of how much it would cost to build a 1 / 2 / 3 bedroom home in Doncaster please.

What I have so far is - kitchen £7k, bathroom £3.5k and carpets and decorating £10k at most, but I;m unsure about the other costs because I'm a novice in the development game.



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Its is highly dependant on the materials you use and the standard of finish you decide to go for. The cost could fluctuate from £1500 to £3000+ per m2

For budgeting purposes I would work on £1750 to £2250 per m2. 

As a rough guide to a breakdown would be something like the below. Again this depends on your choice of materials, number of bathrooms, build complexity, size of kitchen etc..

Superstructure 25%

Windows & Doors 10%

Foundations 9%

Contingency 7.5%

External Cladding 6%

Landscaping 6%

Plumbing & Heating 6%

Plaster & Screeding 4.5%

Kitchen 4%

Electrics 3.5%

Service Connections 3%

Decorations 3%

Roof Coverings 3%

Bathrooms 2.5%

Internal Joinery 2.5%

Scaffolding 2%

Prelims 1.5%

Insurance & Warranties 1%


Hope this is of some use to you.



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