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Commercial property rates?

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I'm thinking about buying commercial property as the numbers overall seem to work a lot better however I've just been told that commercial mortgage rates are typically a lot higher.

I cant seem to do a simple comparison online so thought I'd ask the experienced investors here.

What would a typical commercial or semi commercial property rate at 75 ltv be?


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Unlike residential where most transactions are mostly straightforward and similar, Commercial transactions have more layers of complexity. This is why you won't find rates online - there are just too many variables.

You would be hard pushed to get 75% on most pure commercial. There are a couple of lenders who can do upto 75% LTV on semi-commercial assets but again depends on the investor background/experience, the asset type and the nature of business for the commercial element. Lower LTV's will also attract better pricing. 

You are best running your plans and numbers by a commercial broker who would be able to work out if what you are seeking is achievable, which lenders might be a good fit and what kind of pricing is possible. 







Property investor ¦ Commercial Finance Broker ¦ Ex banker with 20 years lending experience. 

Commercial Lending Manager at Real Finance Ltd - www.realfinance.co.uk
Happy to discuss any queries regarding property finance for  Company/Complex BTL, HMO, MUB, Holiday Let, Commercial, Bridging & Development.  


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