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April market update

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So there has been a 16% growth in property values in Liverpool! Could this be the boom before the crash?

It's interesting the difference they have highlighted in this episode: between people who have actually saved money during the lockdowns that they would normally have spent on holidays, entertainment, gym memberships, hairdresser visits, trips to the pub and transport, and those who are struggling financially because they have lost jobs and businesses.

What an outright lie from Labour, that tenants have been "barely considered" during the lockdowns. It could only be considered to be true in that if you forbid people from earning their living, of course they are going to struggle to pay their rent. It is not true in terms of all the free money that has been thrown at them as well as the eviction ban. The way to consider tenants is to allow them to go back to work and open up fully, as several US states have done, resulting in lower death rates overall from the virus.


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