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Should I sell at auction vs agent?

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I have a nice first floor one bed buy to let I've had for 11 years in W10. I would like to sell and I currently have it on with an estate agent. But it's over restaurant/commercial and makes mortgages harder to get. Having finally sold a different property last year to the fourth buyer after previous three buyers unable to continue, I don't want to go through all that again. Would going to auction be my best option on this harder to mortgage flat? Would appreciate your views! Thanks. 

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Thanks for your response! I'm realistic that in the current London market it's not going to go for what it would have done in 2019 and probably less than the estate agent is marketing it for. I just have no experience of auctioning or friends who have, so trying to make an informed decision!

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You're welcome @deb_r :)

Well if you want some more knowledge on the auction process, this episode of The Property Podcast would be a good place to start; https://propertyhub.net/podcast/ask150/

The Robs break down the modern method of auction on the episode, and should hopefully answer your questions.

We've also actually got an article all about auctions in the next issue of our magazine!


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