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Rural HMOs

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Hi guys, 

I was wondering if anyone has experience with rural HMOs? I have found a suitable 3-bed property in a small village / hamlet approx 10 miles away from a major town and 5 miles away from a logistics facility. I have knowledge that this facility will likely grow exponentially in the next few years.

The property has the following opportunities / benefits:

1) Corner plot, enough space to extend and add bedrooms

2) 60's / 70's build, standard construction (not a cottage)

3) Bus routes to aforementioned logistics facility and 

4) Outside Article 4 area

5) If HMO doesnt work out, could construct 2-bed on the side plot (subject to planning)

It also has the following risks / downsides:

1) Likely NIMBY neighbours unhappy with HMO in hamlet / small village

2) Will a rural HMO be attractive to the tenants? Would they rather rent a room at a HMO in the town at a similar rate?


Is there anything I have not thought of? If anyone has any experience or knowledge on this situation I would be very grateful to understand your POV. 

Many thanks,


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