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Looking for recommendations: Mortgage Brokers and Solicitors

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Hello, We are looking to expand our portfolio. We currently have 4 BTL's and we would like to increase to say 10/ or possible 15. Therefore, we are looking for recommendations for mortgage brokers who specialise in portfolio landlords and solicitors who provide a quick turnaround. I hear and read a lot of property investors saying that they intend to purchase another 10 properties this year - who are they using? We seem to manage one property per year so we are looking for recommendations for professional organisations who will be able to help us purchase more properties quickly. Thanks, Tracy

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Hi Tracy

I would be happy to assist with your financing if you are still on the hunt for a specialist broker. My contact details are below if you would like to reach out. 



Commercial Finance Broker ¦ Property investor ¦ Ex banker/underwriter with over 20 years lending experience

Commercial Lending Manager at Real Finance Ltd - www.realfinance.co.uk
Happy to discuss any queries regarding property finance for  Company/Complex/Portfolio BTL, HMO, MUB, Holiday Let, Commercial, Bridging & Development.  


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Hi Tracey,

We are also happy to help with mortgages, so please send me a private message, if you're interested.

I can also recommend Closefield Property for sourcing. They have helped a lot of clients find BTL properties and they seem like a decent bunch with a lot of experience.

Re solicitors - I can recommend a few, depends on what you're looking for.

Can also recommend other professionals (letting agents, managing agents, accountants) dependent on the location and your specific needs.

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