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Surveyor won't value my house due to rigid foam loft insulation


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Hi All,

Trying to sell my property and the buyer's surveyor initially refused to value the property due to having rigid foam loft insulation.

It was put on by the previous owner, so I got some contractors to remove it but because of the way it was applied, i.e. there are no film between the roof tiles and the insulation, we are unable to remove 100% of all the foam.  The surveyor is still not happy on 2nd visit and unwilling to value it.  Their stance is that the foam posses a fire risk.  The roof is full of timber support beams so I am not sure how the foam posses more fire risk.  I have no idea on how to remove the residual foam left unless I change all the roof tiles.  I've attached some pictures before and after.

Has anyone experienced this or have any advise.  I am not sure what to do and just trying to get rid of the property.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

SpacePhoto (10) (1).jpg

After rigid foam insulation removed (loft) 1 (1).jpeg

After rigid foam insulation removed (loft) 4 (1).jpeg

After rigid foam insulation removed (loft) 3.jpeg

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I recently looked at a house for sale, the seller had replaced the roof exactly for this reason. Their sale had fallen through twice because the buyers could not secure a mortgage. 

How did you avoid the issue when you bought the house,did you buy the house without a mortgage?

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