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Property solicitor for lease/asset transfer question


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I am looking for recommendations for a good property solicitor who would be able to advise on property transfer/lease question.

In short, I currently own my house outright (partly because I couldn't get a mortgage due to recently becoming self-employed 🤨). I intend to extend and refurbish the house and subsequently use it as a holiday let. I have a limited company which was set up to run my property business. I could sell the house to that company but that would create a stamp duty liability. Instead I have wondered whether I can lease the property to the business instead and what the mechanics of this would look like.

If anyone has a good solicitor on hand that would be able and happy to provide advice, I would welcome recommendations.

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Hi @Achtel

Tax plays a big part in structuring transactions.  For example, you would have to pay income tax for both your self-employment income and the property income on an on-going basis, and the additional stamp duty liability may overall cost less.  Have your reached out to a tax adviser / solicitor to consider your options first?

For the avoidance of doubt, the above (a) does not constitute legal advice (and no lawyer-client relationship is formed in any way) and (b) is set out for your reference only.


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