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Should I complain about rate offered only to new customers?

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I am currently remortgaging a BTL with Hanley Economic building society. The property is ex-council of non-standard construction made of large panel system slabs, so is difficult to remortgage
The building soc is offering me 5.19% as an existing customer, but has a rate of 3.99% for new customers. Both are 2 year tracker BTL products.
I've searched the external market, and cant find anyone else to take the mortgage, so have gone for the 5.19% rate.
Do I have grounds to complain, on the basis that offering a rate to new customers doesn't treat existing customers fairly?
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It sounds like you're in a tough spot with your remortgage and the challenges of the property's non-standard construction. And, I can understand why the difference in rates offered to new vs existing customers may feel frustrating. Have you considered reaching out to a Mortgage Broker Leeds? They may have a different perspective and access to options beyond what you've been able to find on your own. It's worth a shot to see if there are other options available to you. Good luck with the remortgage process!

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