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Eccles v Ashton-Under-Lyne

matt lewis

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So - If you were to invest in Manchester would you pick Eccles over Ashton-Under-Lyne or vice versa ?


I'm interested in your reasoning - as in:

  • Does one have more tenant demand.
  • Does one have more professionals v LHA.
  • Is one Better on the yields.
  • Does one have easier to get BMV properties.
  • Is one easier to sell and exit if required than the other.
  • Has one predicted more growth.
  • Is there more investment or regeneration going into one area than the other.


Probably asking a bit much - however would be interested in hearing the opinions of those living, working, investing in Manchester.

Cheers  Matt

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Hi Matt

More demand in Monton,Eccles,the new Chorlton,but prices have soared.Try within one mile but you will be in Salford which in itself should be on the up with its proximity to Manchester and Salford Quays,home of the BBC in the north.Wish I'd bought flats there years ago when they were relocating.

Ashton on Mersey technically more upmarket,in Cheshire and nearer to Sale,Altrincham and uber cool Bowdon and Hale.

More value in the Eccles area but,as ever,dependent on budget and target tenant profile.



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Anyone from and investing in the Manchester area should they have some pointers as to estate agencies

that market 2 bedroom houses in say the Eccles area to the north or Levenshulme in the south or similar

I'd be most interested to hear from.


I am seeking to initially purchase a 2 bedroom house in the area, I was there last Saturday and saw 4

properties however an almost complete renovation would be necessary which was disappointing.


I'm trying through Brimelow and Bridgford but no luck so far.


Any help much appreciated.




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Hi, I am currently expanding my portfolio in Manchester. Predomenantly buying within 20 mins walk the city centre and/or Salford Quays. Also looking at Chorlton and West Didsbury borders. 


As as such I am viewing dozens of properties, generating loads of solid viewing data, building relationships with agents and managing an extensive pipeline. 


Currently focusing on the Rightmove - estate agent - viewings route, but as my network grows I am hearing about more off market opportunities and am also beginning to use auctions for sourcing. 


Anyone interested to learn more, share ideas or hear about opportunities get in touch. nikork900@hotmail.com. 


I am always happy to help and work with investors. 



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