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Property age/ period it was built by looking at exterior?

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Hi Josh


Difficult to tell on that specific house as the brickwork's covered, but the houses on that side of the street all appear to have cavity walls which generally means post 1920, unless somebody knows differently about Portsmouth being an early adopter? It also has a few decorative features that they didn't bother with after the war so I'd say 1920-1939.  



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1903. That's my guess. 



I think it was 1774 when Party Walls had to protrude above the roof line... so it's definitely not any older than that! :-) 


I wouldn't disagree with Bill above. Unnecessarily fancy arch above the door and roof detailing - sounds like those Victorians to me. 


Portsmouth was a relatively early adopter of London styles due to the significance the port played in the Victorian era, so there is minimal delay from new trends appearing in London to them being in Portsmouth. 


So with that in mind I'd suggest slightly earlier perhaps 1895 - 1905. 


You should have your title documents which will give you the date it was first sold, so that will help you age it. If not, for £3 you can buy it from the land registry. So give that a bash. 


Let us know what the date is though to satisfy our curiousity! :-) 



Damien Fogg

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