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Hello from Portsmouth

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Hello Property Hub community!

I started listening the the Property Geek podcast then the Property Podcast and Property Radio News last year and have found Rob and Rob both extremely informative and motivational. Armed with newly acquired knowledge and determination I completed my first BTL investment in December and am currently getting it ready for rental.

I am currently looking at investments in the Portsmouth and Gosport area and have a 15 year plan to to become financially independent.

Looking forward to sharing thoughts and learning from the community.

Steve Miller

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Hi Rob,


I have been watching the market in mainly the Gosport and Portsmouth area over the past 4-5 months and things look pretty buoyant from my 'newbie' perspective. I have been looking mainly at the 2-3 bedroom terrace house market around the £110-120K mark and bought a 3 bedroom terraced property in Gosport at the end of December for £113500 which has needed very little refurbishment work. I have had three rental offers at £695/month this week so hopefully I will get the right tenant in the next couple of weeks. I am going with a managed rental as I have a full on day job which at the moment means unpredictable periods of time outside the country.


My plan is to hit a rental income of £50K/year by the time I am 60 in 15 years time to supplement my pension and allow me more time in my boat! My initial plan is to purchase 1 BTL property a year to reach this however, after my first purchase I may reconsider this and be more aggressive. I found the recent buy to sell interview on the property geek podcast interesting and might explore that as a cash generation scheme to accelerate my portfolio. It is early days but I am motivated and most definitely feel that the advice and knowledge out there in your/Rob B's podcasts and resources allow me to make informed decisions.




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