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Hello from a newbie in Walsall

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Good morning all,


My name is Steve, I am what you would call a newbie to the property investment arena - by day I work as a construction recruitment consultant - recruiting for white collar construction staff, managing a team of 15 people that recruit for anything from general labourers upwards. You might say having recruited for 10 years I am well placed for getting involved with property as I know the people that can manage & fix up properties - armed with a database of potential trades.......


I am at present, however, keen to find properties that may need just a lick of paint & new carpets - a relatively simple introduction......


I have my deposit - looking at properties upto £100k for BTL in the Sandwell area.....


If anyone has any pointers please pass them this way - I read a lot so any recommended books are always welcome.....


I look forward to hearing from you all over the coming weeks / months





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Hi Steve,

Although your post is 4 years old, I've just noticed you were looking to invest in a similar area to me. I was just wondering how you got on and if you still invest in Sandwell.

I had one investment which I purchased 4 years ago, but since raising the capital for another purchase I've struggled to finalise a deal. I'm finding the market way to competitive lately and think the prices are unsustainable. 

What are your thoughts?


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