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Building's Insurance for an empty property

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Just purchased a property at auction, it needs refurbishment and it will probably be empty for 2-3 months. Can anybody recommend a good buildings insurance company where I could take temporary insurance cover out while it's empty ( say 3 months max ) and then upgrade or change to landlord insurance. Not really been in this position before when I know the property is going to be empty initially for 2 - 3 months. Any info would be appreciated.


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Hi Mark


I have previously used a specialist broker for this:


IPS Insurance Services
T: 0845 108 8161   F: 0845 108 8162
276 High Street, Guildford, GU1 3JL 

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Keep in mind, some councils will (even though the rules have changed) will give you £0 council tax - they do in dorset !!


Also, if you have a GAS supply, contact the supplier, tell them you are NOT using the GAS and can they please move you to a fee-free day rate, so you don't pay the 'standing charge', southern electric who supply my gas will do this. You have to ask and be a bit insistant.


You should find an insurance company who will provide insurance. See above references. It's based upon the re-build cost. Best to over estimate this, just in case. Keep in mind, when you get past a certain state - i.e. Not structural works you might be able to re-insure at a lower rate as you will be doing less risky works.

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Thanks for all the feedback - much appreciated. I went with IPS (cheers Richard ) for the year which includes 3 months empty, then normal landlord insurance for the remaining 9 months with good cover. The premier matched the best quote I had previously recieved for 3 months empty cover only- Result! and I just pay a small supplement if my tenant is on LHA. 


I also get 3 months £0 council tax on an empty property - so there is a bit of a push to get the work done in 3 months. There's nothing like goal setting !!


The Manchester Meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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