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Student HMOs

matthew morrison

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Hi everyone,


At the moment my next investment is a long way off, however I have started to think about which area I would like to buy in.


I have visited Liverpool on several occasions, my most recent visit was to see one of my mates who is currently a student there. He lived in the Kensington area and paid around £325pcm for the room in his HMO, along with 4 other people, so the landlord is receiving £1625pcm! As far as I'm aware bills were not included in this price and it was up to the tenants to pay their own bills.


When I returned home I looked on rightmove and some of the houses in that area are selling for around £100,000- £125,000.


This seems very cheap for the rent that these houses can achieve when let to students. If rented out the yields seem to be very attractive.


From my understanding the main student area is around Smithdown Road, but I also see a lot of houses there for sale for around the same price.


Does anyone have any experience of HMOs in Liverpool?


Is the demand strong for student houses there?


Thanks for reading,



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