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I took the tenancy of a detached bungalow back in 2012 and as part of the deal the owner granted me an option to buy the property at a fixed price of £180,000 valid until October 2022. As part of the deal I have been paying £150 per month over and above the rent which will be saved by the landlord and will form a 10% deposit in 2022. In other words, its not a fee, just a savings scheme as long as I buy the property on or before the option expiry date. I have since entered into a relationship and my partner owns his house. However, I got permission from the landlord to sub-let the property and continue paying into the option scheme. If I want I could up the rent and make a decent profit month on month but I have found some very reliable tenants and I don't want to lose them.

The way prices are going the property should be worth far more than £180,000 by 2022 and I thought a property expert may be interested in taking over the option. The landlord has told me I can transfer it or sell it. Is there anyone out there who could advise me on the best way to do this?

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