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Peterborough and Stamford

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Hi guys, @barry man, @ryan cook@harry jarvis and gal, @holly edge ;)


Good to see you all last night. Obviously we're all in different situations so great to hear a variety of insights and opinions and even for Barry, Holly and myself who've previously met, we all had changes in our own situation so good to hear the updates from you pair and to share my own situation.


Would be good to look into the options of making this a more 'formal' arranged meet up to try to boost numbers but until then, looking forward to the next one in a few months when everyone is available!


If anyone has any questions about anything, contacts, etc, feel free to contact me via PM and I'll be happy to give you a call, email, etc.





PS: Boiler engineer is STILL at the flat after replacing the pressure gauge and pressure release valve :rolleyes: so still waiting on final verdict!


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Hope the boiler gets sorted Chris!!


Great to catch up and chat property with like minded folk - look forward to the next one.


On another note I visited the house I am hoping to exchange on this week and there was water coming through the loft - got to laugh :unsure:  ,   I've asked for them to fix the leak or knock a few hundred off for me to sort out.  Hopefully not a big deal!





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Hi Holly & Chris, great to catch up and good to meet with Harry and Ryan.


i emailed the hub guys this morning suggesting they look at our side of the country for an official meet up and await a reply.


Chris I'm impressed with your apartment purchases and would appreciate any links to similar, currently available properties that you consider worthy of consideration.


Holly, kindly remind me of your recent house purchase location and more importantly make sure you have the water leak source viewed in the loft.


Harry, best of luck with future mortgage applications, I hope HSBC prove helpful.


Hope you picked up some useful local info Ryan.


Will update on any reply to my enquiry.  Hope the engineer has left by now Chris and the outcome positive...:rolleyes:



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Hello all,


Thankfully the boiler was repaired where needed and hopefully increased it's life for atleast 2 years so can address at that time as to what the best option is!  Therefore all ready again for the tenants and they're back and happy! From point of offer to now, that feels like the longest 6.5 months ever!


@barry man Thanks for getting in contact to see about making it more of a formal meeting location.  As we said the other night, pretty sure more would come along if we had that status and able to spread the word.  Also, I'll be in touch soon regarding properties. I'll have a look through to see what there is in the area and see what jumps out.


@holly edge Good luck with the exchange! With regards to the leak, if they do it themselves, make sure it's a proper job and not just patched up and could resurface later in the year when the wet and cold weather returns!


Catch up with you all soon! :D


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Hi all,


It's been a little while since we've had an update, but to keep you all in the loop, we're looking to arrange a couple more 'informal' meet-ups on days that suit us before planning to start meeting on a monthly basis, as per the official meet-ups on the first Thursday of each month.


A date that appears to look good for several of us at present is Monday 25th September so at this point, just under 4 weeks away and unless the venue can't host us, we'll be looking to go to The Cuckoo in Alwalton, Peterborough at 19:00.


The Cuckoo is located near the A1 so convenient for anyone coming down the A1, like myself via the A14 from Cambridge or many of the link roads, A47, A15, A16 or A605.


I've been in contact with a number of you about our plans so hope to see as many of you as possible, along with some other Cambridge / Peterborough / East Anglia based people.  Also, please remember this isn't restricted to purely Property Hub members but any friends, family, colleagues, etc who you know may be interested.


If you have any questions which you don't want to post directly on here, please feel free to get in touch direct.


Looking forward to seeing as many as possible!


Tagged the following as we've been in contact in some way regarding a meetup!


@holly edge

@barry man

@ryan cook

@harry jarvis

@peter wisniewski


@dawid m

@conor morris

@alice clayton




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I've spoken to the venue and they've confirmed we can use the side 'snug' area and will be available for us from 18:30 but I'll be looking to arrive just before 19:00.


Have a great weekend and hopefully see as many of you as possible on Monday!


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Hello all,


So...with most thinking 'Only 3 weeks until Christmas Day', there is another date we need to remember, and that is only 8 and a bit weeks until the first Thursday of the month!


For us in the Peterborough and Cambridge area, on Thursday 1st February, we are looking to hold our first 'official' Property Hub meet-up.


We've had a number of previous meetings and have had a variety of people attend at different times but as yet, not everyone at the same time, so we're really making a push to try to get the word out and make our first meet-up a success, so please let us know your availability and help get us added to the Property Hub map!


We meet at The Cuckoo in Alwalton, located just off the A1.


Looking forward to seeing as many faces, both old and new, on that evening but if you have any questions please get in contact.


Chris (aka Barny2015)

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Amended date from January to February


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I'm new to the Property Hub forum but an experienced investor and just seen this thread, after thinking there is no property hub meet in Cambridgeshire, it would be good to have one.  I am a long standing PetPig member (Peterborough Property Investors Group) and have helped them on numerous occasions get speakers and brought in new members and was just this week discussing with Yvonne Emery and John McKay who run PetPig about setting up a local property hub meetup.  

If you want any help with this, please say.  I'll be there to support you.


Jo Driver

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