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Rob's excellent 'run the numbers spreadsheet' - how to include capital growth?

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Hello PropertyHubers!


My name is Paul, I've been procrastinating in property for 10 years id say, and suddenly find myself at 53....a veritable cobweb-covered old timer....

Fortunately wifey and I have a mortgage free farmstead in Devon and a Slough end of terrace crash pad ....through no real strategy.

I'm determined now to take action and join you successful property folk I admire so much, and build a portfolio, and have been on numerous courses....and one more to go from Mr G. Armstrong next month.

Rob D's fab 'running the numbers' spreadsheet is sooo much better than most courses and it replaces my feeble homemade version, but it does occur to me it doesn't include any provision to speculate about capital growth when evaluating the numbers of a possible investment. I understand this varies hugely across the country, but how do you guys establish a figure for this? (Some areas in Devon don't have any capital growth in the last 10 years for example.....)


I'd be very grateful for anyone's methodology to come up with a figure, and how you take this into your calculations bearing in mind capital gains tax.


Good luck to everybody and massive thanks for the wonderful positivity in this forum


Bye for now and thanks in anticipation



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