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My name is Paul Deehan, I'm 36 and grew up in Sheffield, UK.


For the last 12 years, I worked on Private Super Yachts as a Private Chef. I've had the fortune to travel around the world and cook for lots of celebrities, business tycoons and world leaders.

In 2010, I read the famous, Rich Dad, Poor Dad book and since then I've been slowly building my property portfolio. 


Since around this time last year, I was recommended the property podcast by a friend and have to thank both Robs and the team for 1, being awesome and 2, giving great honest value and advice through their work. 


Before listening to the property podcast, I had 3 BTL's with a passive cashflow of £450 per month. 


I now have 5 BTL properties, all in Sheffield, with a 70% LTV and passive cash flow of £1400 per month.


I'm booked on the 10th of June, Property Summit in London and I am very much looking forward to meeting both Rob's and other investors.


My next actions will be, buying my 6th BTL, viewing on Friday and buying from a friend so all being well, I'll buy in the next few month.


Thank you for reading my introduction and I'm looking forward to connecting with you on this forum soon.




Paul Deehan





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Hi Paul,


Thanks for signing up to the forum. Glad you’re loving all the content. You are clearly a man of fantastic taste! ;)


Great to read your story and to hear about your future plans.


We look forward to meeting you at the summit in June.




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Hi Rob,


Thank you for your reply. Looking forward to meeting you too.


Speaking with RMP later today. 


Again thank you for all your great work on the podcast and website, truly great value. 





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Hi Jonas

We don't have a Summit planned just yet but there's potentially something exciting in the pipeline. Watch this space :) 

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