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Actual figures in Midlands and up North....?

dil rai

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Hi All,


I am interested in investing in the Midlands/up north ideally Birmingham, however what I have noticed is although the yield might be good this is a percentage figure. I would like to know the actual rental figures compared to property prices. Eg buying a £40k house and getting £300 pm rent as a yield is 9% - yahoo brilliant! However for me £300.00 rent is not worth the headache even if you buy cash and less so if you have a mortgage payment to pay from the £300.


Are there any areas where rent is approx £800 - £1k pm? I have been doing research on rightmove but finding it difficult to zero in on exact areas where rent is what I want it to be and then finding properties to buy in that exact area. I have also called estate agents to as this question but find it hard to put my trust in them. Plus then trying to gauge if rental demand will be there. Just trying not to make a bad decision of buying a property 150 miles away which I then cant rent out. Maybe I just need to man up and do it?!


Interested in hearing peoples experiences/thoughts. 

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Hi Dil,


You have probably already bought a property but I will give you a few areas to research in Birmingham if you are still interested.

City Centre is alway good but look into Kingstanding, Sutton Coldfield, Streetly and Great Barr. 


A 3 bed well presented house in Kingstanding is on for let for £750 in today's local paper. You can probably pick one up for £110-130K


Good Luck 



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