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Investing in commercial property through a SIPP

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Is there anyone out there who would be interested in talking about commercial property investment through a SIPP. Interested in advice, potential JV deals, any training available, talking to anyone who has experience in commercial property investments. Thank you!

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Hi Vanessa, I am also interested in the same topic, particularly the status of compliance when turning a commercial property into residential units (i.e. offices into apartments) and how that affects the SIPP regulations. I understand that you cannot hold residential property within a SIPP, however when would you need to dispose of the units after conversion to still allow the funds to be credited back to the SIPP.


If anyone has some clarity, I would be pleased to hear.


Many thanks

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Hi, Vanessa / Michael, did you ever make any progress with SIPP investing?  I've had a look at commercial property investments via fund managers and generally the investments can be quite expensive compared to residential.  Purchasing a commercial property outright would be too expensive for me on my own and at this moment in time I wouldn't have sufficient experience.  I'm also looking for JV partners who could bring funds and knowledge to the table.  I would also be keen on converting residential units into commercial property to get an uplift in value.  I've looked at investment funds and their return can be quite low and in addition the investment funds don't give you an opportunity to build up knowledge or benefit from the uplift in value of the property deal.



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