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Is Glasgow Harbour a good area to buy my first BTL?

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I am looking at my first deal ever. It's a modern "luxury" flat on the 6th floor, nice view, 1 bedroom.


Location: Glasgow Harbour

Home Report price: 120,000

My (potential) offer: 115,000


I am a little bit worried about the area. It seems "too" residential and a little bit far from "civilization" (corner shops, etc). Maybe similar to Western Harbour, Edinburgh in the sense that these flats were built around the financial crisis of 2008, and the area never picked up in a big way. I think my question is, does the property have a chance for capital appreciation down the road? Or should I invest in other areas of Glasgow, which is the market I'm interested in?


If anyone knows the area and has a view, please let me know. Many thanks in advance.

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Probably a bit late to chime in on this one but the University of Glasgow's campus is going to be extending out that way - i think the market being targeted is wealthier foreign students as well as your typical professionals. Unlikely that the university will be disappearing anytime soon, but its attractiveness to foreign students may be subject to the vagaries of gov't policy.



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