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Our community guidelines (AKA The Rules!)

Rob D

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While we hate to go on “school teachery” on you, we hope you’ll take a sec to read through the following community guidelines…


What we are, what we’re not


The Property Hub is a place for smart, motivated people to support each other, learn from each other, and push each other to reach their goals. We’re a positive community of can-do people who’re taking action to improve our lives, and sharing what we learn.


We’re not a place to do business or self-promote. We’re not a place to scaremonger, carp, whinge, argue or troll. Other than that, you’re all good.


All levels of experience are welcome


You don’t need to have started investing yet in order to take part - and hopefully being here will hasten that process along!


Real names are essential


Other members don't want to be corresponding with brumlad666 - it makes for better conversation if everyone uses their real name, or a contraction of it for anonymity (e.g. "Rob D").


When you sign up, you're encouraged to use your real name. If instead you choose a username that isn't acceptable, we may hide your posts until we've asked you to change it.


Introduce yourself!


The best way to get the most out of this community is to post in the “Introduce Yourself” forum as soon as you join. That will give other members the chance to get to know you, and will provide context to any questions you ask later. You also get to be greeted by a group of friendly internet strangers, which is always nice.


Don’t be scared to ask questions that you think are silly


If you have a question specific to your investment strategy, we want you to ask it. Even if you think it’s silly or that you should already know the answer, we bet there are heaps of other people who either have the same sort of question, or who can help with an answer.


As the saying goes for anyone who ever suffers about anything: don’t suffer in silence. Oh, and: a problem shared is a problem halved (or perhaps even obliterated entirely, if someone has the perfect solution for you).


Don't get offended if we edit you!


Occasionally we might edit the title of a topic to make it easier to find when people are searching in future, or move it to a more appropriate forum.


If we need to make anything more than a small cosmetic change, we'll temporarily hide the post and send you a message to get your approval.


Give and take, people


We won’t be counting, but we want to make sure you’re helping to answer other people’s questions as well as asking your own. If you’re in this forum, you WILL be able to help others – so please do so.


There are many sales channels in the world, but this isn’t one of them


We allow members to have signatures so you can promote your company. Please restrict yourself to ONE link in your signature.


You can also include ONE link to your own website in the post itself, as long as the purpose is educational rather than commercial. Please be considerate when linking away from The Property Hub, and only do so in a minority of your contributions.


We're a safe place  


Our community continues to grow - and we want to encourage safe networking at all times. Soliciting Property Hub members to join external networking groups isn't why the forum is here, so please don't do it. 


Deal or no deal? No deal


Please don’t advertise deals, or seek them out. This forum is for mutual education and support - not commercial transactions.


Please - no posts about property investment companies


Threads about property investment companies often turn negative, and we don't want The Property Hub to be a venue for this kind of discussion. If you're trying to assess whether a company is legitimate, follow the steps in the "How To Spot A Property Shark" episode of The Property Podcast.


We want you to feel “safe as houses” in here (oh dear)


As a free-to-use service which generates no revenue, our moderation resources are limited. Please notify us if you spot anything on The Property Hub which you think falls foul of these guidelines, or concerns you in any other way.


We'll do our best to notify you if we need to edit or delete one of your posts, but it might not be possible on every occasion.


The more detailed your profile, the better


If you can give us lots of info about who you are and what you’re trying to achieve, we can try to match you up with like-minded members who’ll be able to help you out.  


Keep it clean, people. Keep it clean


As Rob D’s mother once said, “Swear words aren’t good”. It wasn’t the most meaningful observation she’s ever made (and when Rob’s stuck in a traffic jam, he tends to disregard it), but on the whole, we agree. We don’t want this forum to descent into macho, bravado-y language full of cussing, sexist or racist language - and we’ll delete anything that falls foul of this policy.


Above all, be kind


You don’t need to start every question by asking how everyone’s week is going – or end it with lots of kisses and cuddles – but you DO need to be polite and considerate. Please thank people when they provide advice and help, and please don’t make people feel stupid if you think they’ve asked a "bad" question.


Any questions about the guidelines? Email hello@thepropertyhub.net if there's anything you're not sure about.

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