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Christiana hi


The normal way is to issue a Section 21 notice (Now form 6A) https://www.gov.uk/guidance/assured-tenancy-forms is where is starts but you do need to make sure you have complied with all the other legislation which depends on when you started the tenancy.


If you have taken a deposit you must have properly protected the deposit and issued the correct Prescribed Information or the Sect 21 is invalid and unenforceable,

You also need to give the tenant a copy of the EPC & Gas Safety certs

If the tenancy started after 1 Oct 15 your tenant also needs to have been given a copy of the How To Rent pamphlet


If your tenant is more than 2 months in arrears or has long track record of erratic payments etc you can use a section 8 notice but this is more expensive and requires court action and you usually cannot claim any unpaid rent you only get possession of the property - once you have engaged bailiffs




Ifyou can negotiate your tnant out is is much the best way as a tenant resorting to law is an expensive limpit to remove

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Hi Christiana,  as you can see from Obsessed Members reply this is a complex area and in order to give specific, useful advice we could really do with some more details about your tenancy.  When did the tenancy commence (before or after October 2015)? Have the tenants breached their tenancy agreement and if so in which ways? If they are in rent arrears, how many months in arrears are they? Have you taken any action up to now, or are you still at the research stage?



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