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Most Effective (and cheapest!) way to get rid of artex?

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Just in the process of buying our second BTL property, a two bed semi which needs some relatively light modernisation (kitchen, bathroom, redecoration). It is very old fashioned decor wise and the walls on the stairs and landing are covered in thick artex which we'll want to get rid of as part of the refurb. Just wondering what people's experience is of doing this, I've heard that it can be 'skimmed over' and of course the other option is to remove it and paper and/or paint the walls but not sure what the best way is and what to expect damage wise if we remove it.


If anyone has any experience of this and ideas on method, time, cost and equipment required (although may just ask the decorator to do it) we'd really appreciate it.







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Depending on the age some Artex contains asbestos so it's not something you should be breaking up without first doing a test. If it does contain asbestos you either need to skim over it or have it professionally removed.


The problem with skimming in my opinion though is that you have effectively hidden the danger and in the future someone might not even know there is a potential risk there and disturb the asbestos. It's not illegal to skim, but for me it is not right. Get it tested first to see if you have a problem though. You can buy your own test kit for about £40.

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I realise this topic is a little old now but I got i2 Analytical Ltd (based near Watford) to test three Artex samples from my home for the presence of asbestos for £25 each + £1 disposal charge + VAT. All three were negative.

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