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I realise I should introduce myself rather than jumping straight in with questions, but I really only have one question to ask :)


I've just put an offer in to buy a Grade II listed property. I'm using the equity from the sale of another property and won't be getting a mortgage, so I'm just questioning the £800 quote from the surveyors that the estate agent recommended.


My understanding is that the surveyors don't actually 'test' anything (I've only ever bought one property before and am admittedly naive). It seems like a lot of money for someone to just 'look' at stuff and then say 'we recommend you get your wiring tested' etc. Wouldn't I be better off just bringing in actual electricians/plumbers/damp-proof people to evaluate the property properly? I could probably get those three things done for less than £800.


I guess if it was a regular house and a survey was necessary for a mortgage, then I'd just go ahead and get a regular survey. But, given that it's an old house, I thought perhaps I should spend the money on having it properly looked at. Or would you advise that a survey is particularly important when buying listed property? Just seems a lot of money for them to do visual inspections...



Many thanks for any advice.



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Firstly I would get an independent surveyor and not one recommended by the agent.


The cost of the survey depends on the size of the property.

Are you getting a home buyers report? or a full survey? there is a difference in price depending on which one you get. Do some research

The cost sounds like you are getting a full survey or buying a big house.


We did a survey (home buyers report) on a graded 2 bed property and it cost £350.00. I would defo advise you to get one because ours highlighted the fact that half the roof needed replacing, a leak that was only visible from the loft when it rained (our survey was done in the summer no rain in sight) needless to say we pulled out because this would have cost a small fortune. If we had purchased without a survey we would have found out when we moved in and it rained in the Autumn.


You are right they dont test anything (well it depends on who you get) but they can save you a ton of bother and money in the long run.


I would defo say get a survey




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Thanks Nikki. It's not a big place - just a two bedroom cottage, although it was a full survey that they quoted for.


OK, I think I just needed someone to tell me to do it :) I'll see if I can find an independant surveyor to give it a good going over.


Thanks for the advice.



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To put it into context, I am paying £360 (including VAT) for my survey (Home buyers).  If I want a structural as well it is an additional £200, so it certainly seems like you are being over priced there.  Its not surprising that this quote was through the EA, who will most likely get a nice referral fee....


Google is your friend here, I am sure you will find more competitive quotes there.







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