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Hi! We are about to put our property in London on the market to realise some cash to invest in the North (where we now live). We are quoted around 1%+VAT for the agent's fees which will be just over £10k in fees. Alternately I've been looking at Tepilo and Purple bricks where the full service including viewings is around £1800. Has anyone had experience of using these guys? Given our tenants may give notice and move out before it is sold the extra saving to cover any voids makes sense. Difference is fee is payable even if they don't sell it! However It may also enable us to price for a quick sale.

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No matter who you use i would suggest getting some local agents in to value it. not sure where the online agents come from so they may not value it as accurately as a local, and as long as its advertised on all the major sites then i would think it would sell. I've sold my last 3 houses through a local agent, that same agent gave the highest valuation each time and we got the asking price on all 3 sales. I think all 3 sold within 2 weeks in 2 or 3 viewings,. So i can understand you wanting to use the cheaper option as 10k is a lot of money for what may end up being little work, certainly was in my case and next time i sell i will seriously consider online.

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Hi Cathy,


That's perfectly understandable about the fees. What service do you receive for the £10,000 fee, Are they doing anything special that is worth the extra cost? I agree with Chappers, you should definately get multiple Agents in to value your opportunity to obtain a better understanding of your properties true value.


We have a great guide that helps you find the best type of Estate Agent service  to suit you and your property's need.




If you have any further questions, I would be more than happy to help.



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