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Neighbours from Hell

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I'm looking for some advice on how best to approach anti-social behaviour. 


I've recently had a tenant vacate and I'm struggling to re-let the house as since I bought it a tenant has moved in to the street who is causing problems.  The house is in a very visible state of disrepair with broken windows, piles of rubbish, even a horse in the back yard at one point!  There is also alleged drugs dealing.


They have been reported to the police on numerous occasions but to no avail. 


I have the details of the landlord from the Land Registry so I'm just wondering whether it's best to contact him in the first instance or report the tenant to the council - or both.


Any advice on the most effective approach to take would be gratefully received.



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Morning Jayne, 


This does sound like a bit of a pickle! and most certainly not what you'd want when looking to get new tenants in. 


I did a quick google search and found this website. I think point 5 is a good place to start. The other point that seems to be talked about a lot on a few different sites, is make a record of all the disturbances. 



I also think what you have mentioned above about talking to the landlord as well as the council is a great idea. It could be the case that the landlord doesn't know this is going on, So by contacting them, they might instantly do something about it. 


I hope that helps. 







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I'd refrain from making any complaints to the police until you have exhausted every other option. Mainly because when if/when you do come to sell the house you won't have to fill in the section of the paperwork which explains about disputes with neighbors, that would be an instant red flag for any potential buyers.


How about approaching the landlord with the intention of buying the house off them? If they are a nightmare tenant the landlord may be willing to sell the house at a BMV price to offload the stress. Leaving you a chance to re-furbish and re-tenant...

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