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Hello from the North East!

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Hi everyone,


Im David from the North East. I listen to Rob and Rob every Tue and Thurs so thought it was about time I joined the forum.


 I have a small portfolio that entails;


1 x BTL in my name

2 x BTL using Mother's name (due to living overseas at the time)

3 x BTL in my Ltd company


Portfolio is currently at circa 60% LTV.


I Invest in both Newcastle and Teesside. And am looking to gain financial freedom within the next 3 years with a more aggressive approach. I have a decent cash pot from a couple of sales/savings.


I am keen on BTL, BTS and HMOs possibly. I am also open to investing elsewhere in the country.


Any advice/chat is welcome!




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Hi David, great to see a North East investor doing well. I am originally from Hexham, Northumberalnd. I have several HMO's and single lets in Bedfordshire and Manchester. I am now considering some investment in Newcastle and was wondering if you could recommend any areas where you can see strong capital growth coming? My Dad lives in Newcastle so I can get him to do the viewings. 


smarterproperty.net - that's my website if you want to get in touch direct. Cheers, Nick 

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