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Newbie starting out with a few initial questions...

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Good afternoon hubbers,


I'm new to property having arrived back in the UK in August after working overseas for close to eight years, and currently trying to absorb all I can - including getting through as many of the podcasts and streams of posts on this forum! 


Initially I'm looking to flip, build my knowledge and expertise, and gradually move to the 'recycle cash' approach.  Starting point is the South Wales area.   


In setting up, would really appreciate recommendations for the following:

  • an accountant in/around the Cardiff area with expertise in property who can provide tax and company set up advice; and 
  • local solicitors and mortgage brokers.


Also, thoughts on whether it is better/more efficient if the above (accountant, solicitors, broker etc.) are in close proximity to where you are based or not?  Or whether the key is the quality of the advisers and with email, phone, Skype etc., you can work around any distance. 


Thanks in advance, and look forward to your thoughts,


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Hi Helen


Welcome to the forum. I would advise that the quality of advisers is more important than proximity. Most accounting and tax advice can easily be done via video conferencing.



Sheryldene Dunne
Accountant & Client Manager







We can only give general information on a public forum, and nothing in this post should be interpreted as advice. To speak to us about becoming a client and receiving bespoke advice, call us on 020 3936 2170 or email tax@propertyhub.net

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Thanks Sheryldene, that's good to know and very helpful.


Still looking for any recommendations for solicitors, accountants, and brokers.  From the forum I have identifed Keys Mortgages and Searchlight Finance for mortgages, and Kennedy's solicitors.  If any hubbers can recommend any others and also accountant recommendations would be hugely appreciated.




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