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Transferring property to LTD company


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Hi Folks


A quick question regarding transfer of a privately owned property into a LTD company. The property I want to transfer is without any mortgage so I guess that all that remains to be done is for a solicitor to register the property in the company's name at the land registry office. 


Has anyone done this before? Any idea how much I should budget for? 


And also when it comes to the stamp duty, will I have to pay for a valuation? and what stage of the process would I need to do this?


I'm an 'accidental landlord', but now that the mortgage is fully paid off I'm looking to upscale using leverage to get a portfolio together and I don't want to get hammered by S24 further down the line, so am transferring my property to a LTD company.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!






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