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Please Help. Splitting a Joint Tenancy

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Hi all,


Need to pick a brain or 2 if I may?


We rented a property on a joint tenancy agreement on 1st August to 2 unrelated tenants, one of which moved in on the 1st August and the other on the 1st September.


I have had an email from the tenant who moved in more recently saying it has not worked out and they would like to move out. I have replaced the actual name of the tenant with 'John Smith' for privacy and copied in some of the email below.


'Unfortunately, things have not worked out sharing the house with John Smith Since moving in on 1 September I have only managed to stay in the house for roughly 7 or 8 nights. Within the last week he has asked me to move out twice. Moreover, he has some pretty severe anger issues which have resulted in me not feeling comfortable in the house. Therefore, I am hoping to move out by 1 October


John Smith and I have spoken and he will be taking on the lease solely. I hope this is not a problem, as the property was originally let to John Smith as sole occupier before he suggested to me that I move in as well. As I was paying rent and bill money direct to John Smith, there should be no change in the monthly transfer to you for rent.

Would it be possible to have my name removed from the lease? I am happy to pay for any administration fee that may be incurred by the work involved in doing this. Also, once I have a move-out date formalised, would it be possible for me to arrange to hand my keys back directly to you? Although John Smith and I have a working arrangement and will keep things amicable as I move out, I would like to make it formal that I have left the property'


I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on the best way to resolve this for everyone concerned?

- Would I need to draw up a new single tenancy, if so does this automatically make the old agreement null and void, what happens to the signed inventory, deposit protection we have set up etc etc?

- Can we just get everyone involved to sign a letter stating this will be treated as a single tenancy from 1st October and detailing who will be responsible for what?

- Is there another preferable way to do this?


Any help from anyone on the best way forward on this would be much appreciated. Really keen not fall short of a legal obligation or be left without any rights somewhere further down the line??


Thanks in advance





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