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First time landlord in a limited company

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Can anyone recommend any mortgage lenders for first time landlords for a LTD company? or any broker's who have access to these lenders? I have potentially got finance in line with The Mortgage Works which is in the hands of the underwriters at the moment and the survey will be instructed as of next week, I would just like to see if there is anything else on the table for FTL's structured as limited. Ideally i was looking for something with no arrangement fee, lowest interest rate, tracker or 2 year fixed, no ERC or am i dreaming? :lol: The mortgage works have already thrown their toys out the pram over something really silly to do with my residential status but i fired back and got my broker to argue the toss which he won so now we are on the home straight but i would just like to keep my options open and see what you guys recommend. 



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Dean im not that experienced but am on my 2nd via LTD coy, what ive found is that everything is more unfortunately.

I bought a holiday let which may be different to single let, for a £60,000 loan I had £1200 fee put ontop of the loan and my valuation fees were £455!

Mortgages for business were the brokers, theyve been really good so id recommend them.

Im hoping these fees are just entry costs and when im more established ill be open to more lenders and competatove rates.



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