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How to: Succeed in property

Last updated: 12th November 2020

Success can mean different things to different people in different sectors. But for those wanting to succeed in property, it’s important to stay focused. You might not have the same goals as others, and you might not choose the same strategy as others – and that’s fine. But without goals and a focus, you’ll struggle to really understand whether you’ve ‘succeeded’ or not.

When investing in property, you need to know where you want to get to and how you’re going to get there. Put simply – goal setting.

No two investors will have the exact same goals. Sure, you’ll both want to make money from investing in property, but your motivations for doing so will be completely different.

You might want to invest for the future and build up a solid pension pot, but your best friend might hate their job and want to replace their full-time income with property as quickly as possible.

Both want to invest in property, but for very different purposes. And that will result in two very different strategies.

Always start with your goals. And there’s a free course on setting property goals here.

There is no right way to succeed in property

What’s worked for one investor isn’t necessarily going to work for you. You need to find what’s right for your goals. Here’s a couple of starting points for you:

Making sure your property goals are achievable is the one key point we want to stress here. If you set unrealistic goals from the outset, you’re more likely to fail. In this resource we talk you through setting SMART goals which will help give you some focus.

We talk about strategy – A LOT. There are so many, so it’s important to choose the right one that’s going to help you reach your property goals. We’re over 400 episodes in on The Property Podcast now, so this is a list of all the in-depth ones we’ve done on strategy so you can get straight into understanding the nitty-gritty of each one.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can sign-up to our free webinars where our team runs through everything you need to know about investing in property. These are 30-minute, jam packed live sessions with a boat load of information all about property investment.

You can see what we cover and reserve your free virtual seat right here. Not only will you leave with an in-depth understanding of goal setting, strategy planning and tips on raising cash to invest, you’ll be sent a load of free resources after the session for you to continue your learning.

Here’s everything you need to know about investing in property.

We’ve also got a whole range of other resources to help you succeed in property…

Property Hub University courses

We’re continually working away in the background to bring you free courses covering all of the popular property topics.

If you haven’t checked out our free property courses already, make sure you head on over. Some of our most popular courses right now are:

There are so many to get stuck into – you can find them all on the Property Hub University here. And they’re all completely free.

Online property resources

If you prefer to read, then we’ve got you covered with our written online resources. We’re working on our content all the time, so there’s always something new to discover.

Here’s some of our favourites as a starting point:

These are just some of the key resources that’ll help you understand how to succeed in property, but there’s loads more right here.

The Property Podcast

If you didn’t know already, we’ve got two weekly property podcasts.

We’ve got ‘Ask Rob & Rob’ every Tuesday where you can get your questions answered – if you’ve got a question you can submit those here and The Robs will answer them live on the podcast.

Then we’ve got our main ‘Property Podcast’ every Thursday where The Robs delve into everything from strategy and general property knowledge, to market updates and stories from their own experiences as property investors.

Combined there’s over 650 episodes! We know – that’s one heck of a back catalogue to get through, so we’ve made your life a little easier if you’re a new listener.

If you want to listen to the core episodes that we think are absolutely vital to help you succeed in property, we’ve got them all in one place for you right here.

The Property Hub YouTube channel

Did you know we also have a YouTube channel? If not, make sure you head on over there and subscribe – and don’t forget to turn on the post notifications so you never miss a video.

We’ve got videos covering:

There’s plenty more over on the channel and we’re adding new videos regularly. Keep your eyes peeled because we’ve got BIG plans coming up!

Are you ready to succeed in property?

So, if you’re ready to get started and succeed in property, bookmark this link and soak it all in. And make sure you sign up for one of our free weekly webinars covering everything you need to know about investing in property.

You won’t regret it.

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