Book a call with PH Invest (Hubbers)

On clicking “Submit”, two things happen:

  • Email is captured using a Pardot form handler and kicks off an Engagement Studio with a 4-day email sequence. (This sequence applies whether the user goes on to book a call or not.) There will be a link back to this page in each email, so the user can come back and book a call if they don’t do it first time.
  • User is redirected to this page, which will have Calendly embedded. They should see all slots across all PMs, so the PM they’re allocated to is luck depending on which time they choose.

    The Calendly form should also have 2 mandatory questions. To make life easier for the user these should be Calendly booking questions rather than using a separate form. If we can pull these out of Calendly and into Salesforce then great, if not the PM can just go into Calendly to see the answers.

    Questions are:

    What do you hope property investment will allow you to achieve? 

    Do you own any properties already? If so, briefly describe your current portfolio