Meg – Marketing Executive

What do you love most about working at Property Hub?

There’s so many things about Property Hub that make it such an amazing place to work compared to other companies I’ve worked at. For a start I can bring my dogs Peggy & Percy to work with me on a Friday. You’ll have seen them stealing the limelight on our Instagram stories if you follow us.

The people that I work with definitely play a big part of it. Our recruitment process is a bit of a tedious one, but as a result of it everyone definitely gels well together and gets along. We all get together every quarter and even though it will be 3 months before I see any of the London office or remote workers, it’s like it was only last week. There’s literally too many to reel off, I’d be here all day!

What does your role involve day-to-day?

In my role, I have my fingers in a number of pies. One week I’ll be planning the infamous Property Hub Meetups. If you attend the Manchester one you’ll have the pleasure of me being your host. Then the next I might be bringing everything together for one of our deal launches.

Day-to-day though I’ll be working on scheduling the podcasts so that you can listen to them on time, posting stuff on social, especially Instagram – cheesy jokes are my forte, as well as uploading new content onto the website to help boost your property knowledge. 

What’s the best part of your role?

Being the office entertainment. I’m joking – kind of. I love getting involved in absolutely everything that we put out to our audience. Getting feedback from people saying how much they love the content that we put out and how valuable it has been to them gives you a real sense of achievement. The whole company works on the basis of get s**t done and that’s exactly the attitude that we all come in with. Maybe after 2 or 3 coffees on a Monday but we get there eventually. 

If you could describe working at Property Hub in just 3 words, what would they be and why?

Loving – Every single person at this company has so much love to give. Especially when it comes down to our core value awards. I’ve been lucky enough to win the ‘positivity’ core value award and hearing some of the reasons why my fellow colleagues nominated me had me on the brink of tears. But I held back the ugly crying face. 

Caring – We very much look out for each other here at Property Hub. That’s right through the whole company from the directors to the dogs. If someone is feeling down or stressed we’re very quick to offer a helping hand, a hug or even just stick the kettle on.

Fun – Might sound like a cliche but it really is a fun place to work. There won’t be a day where we’re not all creased with laughter, particularly on a Friday when we’ve all got that Friday feeling and the beer fridge gets cracked open!