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When it comes to growing and compounding wealth over decades and across generations, property is unbeatable.

Yet unfortunately, it’s also a massive bloody hassle.

Before you see any return on your investment, you need to:

  • Figure out where and what you should be buying in the first place based on your goals (MUCH harder than it seems)
  • Trawl through Rightmove and arrange a load of viewings – absorbing your weekends and evenings for the foreseeable future
  • Meet estate agents (shudder) and traipse around disappointing properties that look nothing like their photos (who knew investment and online dating had so much in common?)
  • Make an offer on one, have it rejected and go back to step 1…
  • …or get it accepted (woohoo!), but then have to arrange all manner of maintenance, cleaning etc before it’s ready for tenants to move into

Makes popping onto a brokerage platform and buying a few shares look pretty appealing, right?

We started Property Hub Invest over a decade ago because – frankly – we didn’t want to do this ourselves, and we made a bet that plenty of other busy people wouldn’t to either

It works like this:

  • We work with you to sharpen your goals and identify a strategy that will allow you to achieve them
  • Our team scours the country for the best property investments (rejecting 92% of everything that comes across our desk in the process) and negotiates a great deal
  • When you find one you like, we support you through the legals and securing a mortgage
  • We get the property rent-ready for you, then hand you the keys when it’s ready to go

Oh, and one more thing…

We use our relationships and buying power to negotiate a better discount than you could get on your own, and which more than covers our fee. So all this support effectively costs you less than nothing.

And because it’s hard to know who to trust, we’ve removed all the risk: you pay us nothing until we’ve found you a property you want AND you’ve had plenty of time to verify our research for yourself (we even give you the tools to do it).

Our service isn’t right for everyone.

A lot of people love getting hands-on with property, or they favour higher effort, higher risk strategies that may produce faster results.

But our clients tend to see property as a pure long-term investment, not a hobby.

They typically work hard to build up funds to invest (often as a business owner or in a demanding profession), and don’t want to spend their limited free time calling agents or chasing around after builders.

They want to transform their hard-earned funds into a portfolio that secures their future and leaves a legacy.

And often, they listen to the investment approach we talk about on The Property Podcast (and follow ourselves) and want a trusted partner to help them replicate it.

Does that sound like you? Here’s how to get involved…

Our constant challenge is finding enough quality properties without compromising on quality.

For that reason, we maintain a small client list and often have so much unmet demand there’s no point adding to it.

If you can see a button below, it means we’re open to taking on new clients at the moment.

Click the button, choose a time for a quick Zoom call, and find out if we can help you achieve your goals.

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